Reading the Bible is the best way to get to know God, and reading it together with others is a great way to get to grips with it better. At Sherford Community Church we believe that what God says to us in the Bible affects how we live, and being part of a small group gives us the chance to think together how we can apply the Bible to our lives. It also gives us a forum for encouragement and support, and a group of people committed to praying for us.

We currently have two small groups, one meeting every other Monday and one meeting every other Thursday.

If you would like to join a small group, please contact us.


Each time we meet we will open the Bible and discuss together, and pray that God will help us to know and love and trust Jesus more through it.
This term our small groups are dipping into the Psalms together. The Psalms are the Bible's songbook, a wonderful combination of vital truth about God and the whole spectrum of human emotions.
The Psalms give us words to express to God how we feel about what is going on in the world. But, more than that, they help us to align our emotions with the wonderful truth of who God is. And as we read or sing Psalms we know that we are joining with Jesus, who used the Psalms in His own relationship with God the Father!