Following the latest Government announcement, we have suspended all our in-person gatherings for the duration of the national lockdown. As in the previous lockdowns, we will be live-streaming our Sunday worship at 10am each Sunday on Facebook Live. You can tune in with or without a Facebook account, but if you are a Facebook user you will also be able to join in via the comments.

Every week we will also have a Zoom meeting straight after the livestream: a social catch up over coffee. The Zoom link will be posted in the comments towards the end of each livestream.

If you can't make it at 10am on a particular Sunday, you can also catch up on the service later on the videos section of our Facebook page.


Our Sunday morning gatherings this term will be suitable for all ages, including elements specifically for children and elements more geared towards adults.

The centre of all our services is the Bible, because we believe it is God's message to us containing everything we need to know for salvation (being brought into God's eternal family) and the Christian life (living as part of God's eternal family).

This term we will pick up where we left off in December and delve further into John's Gospel, looking at 7 amazing miraculous signs performed by Jesus that show not just what He can do but who He is. Next we will have a short series looking at who God is (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), before picking up in John to look at what happened around Jesus' crucifixion.

Click here for our full termcard if you would like to know more, or stream our past talks.



For at least this term all our Sunday gatherings will be all-age: we'll feature child-friendly songs alongside adult songs, and we'll have teaching that engages children and adults. We will also provide weekly activity and craft sheets from the team at Mustard Seeds to help children engage with the teaching topic of the gathering. You can download these from our children's resources page.


(Outside of lockdown) we meet at:
Sherford Vale School, Hercules Road, PL9 8FA